Suits and Madness: A Hannibal Podcast

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Suits and Madness is the Hannibal podcast for fannibals, by fannibals. Join us as we discuss episodes, theories, behind-the-scenes news and of course, character relationships.

Episode 28: Unconventional

As Season 3’s first story arc draws to a close, Tori and Julia review the fast-paced episodes “Contorno” and “Dolce” and Julia shares some opinions on...
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Episode 27: Ciao, Bella

Tori and Julia burn the midnight oil to review “Aperitivo” and mourn the late, great Bella Crawford. Also, we speculate on the Hanniverse’s health car...
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Episode 26: The show must go on

Cancellation can't keep us down! Tori and Julia are back with a bonus-sized review of “Primavera” and “Secondo,” as well as some thoughts on the show'...
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Episode 21: In a family way

  In which the SAM gals tackle Episode 11, “Ko No Mono,” Tori and Julia clarify a few things and Hannibal’s rapidly-approaching season finale is specu...
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Episode 20: Problematic piggies

  In which Tori and Julia tackle what may be the most controversial episode of Hannibal to date, “Naka-Choko.” Get ready for an in-depth discussion of...
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