Super Gammacast

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Gamers group up to gab about games, gaming Industry, reviews and news. In depth interviews with some video game developers.

05 - E3 2018

E3 2018 is quickly approaching and there is so much to talk about this year. Dylan Thomas-Bouchier joins me for a third year in a row to talk about th...
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04 - Slot Machine Gaming

Kyle Fernando, Creative Director at Dead Cell Games address a serious issue with common day Online multiplayer games. In-Game gambling is something th...
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03-Don't Call Me Indie, Anymore

CEO of 13 AM Games Alex Rushdy is on the show to talk about what its like inside the indie games industry, what it does right and where it could use s...
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02-1995 A Year in gaming

1995 was a huge year in gaming and in the course of this episode Matt and Steve go over some of the biggest events during the year that sculpted the g...
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01-What if Megaman Was a movie?

Matt speaks to Tito Guillen an award winning director about the possibility of Megaman becoming a movie, they both choose a cast and a plot to follow ...
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