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Join Rod and Zach for a race-by-race review of the season, talking all things Formula 1, including race reviews and trivia

Shakedown X

Your F1 boys are back to bless your podcast feed with another Shakedown poll (tm), F1 news and Led Zeppelin finally intersect, and if you have a conte...
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Shakedown #9

Got troubles? Let's shake 'em off by looking at F1's move toward eco fuel alternatives, what racing in Qatar for the next decade could mean for the fu...
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Shakedown #8

It's the latest installment in the Superlicense Universe covering the latest news, we dissect possibly the most confusing Shakedown poll to date, prom...
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Shakedown #7

What time is it? No time to look back, as Shakedown returns with fan-tolerated segments like the "shit" twitter poll, and Rod and Zach discuss whether...
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