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A podcast in which Jonah Myers talks to musicians from in and around Canberra. Updates sporadically.

#9 – Eadie Newman (Dog Name)

I was thrilled to have the opportunity this episode to interview Eadie Newman, who has played in many different Canberra bands including Passive Smoke...
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#8 – Kim Yang

This episode features Kim Yang, a folk singer/songwriter who also happens to be my bandmate in Muddy Wolfe. We have an enjoyable chat about karaoke in...
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#6 – Lani

Today's guest is the one and only Lani, who has been studying jazz voice at ANU. She has also studied and performed overseas at at Indiana University ...
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#5 – Spaceman Africa

The incredible Spaceman Africa is today's interviewee. Spaceman has travelled the world, written a book, released an album, and represented Curtin in ...
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#4 – Chris Endrey

Today's guest is Chris Endrey, who wears many hats. Hats discussed in this interview include Recording Artist, Stand-Up Comedian, Canbeurovision Host,...
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#3 – Travis Salviejo

Today's guest is Travis Salviejo, who performs under the name Sal Viejo. We talk about authenticity in songwriting, the DIY ethos, producing for other...
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#2 – Powder Blue

This episode's guests are Zack and Tess from indie pop-rock outfit Powder Blue. We talk about perfectionism, music videos, Canberra bands, and of cour...
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