Sustainable Students

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Welcome to our Sustainable Student community. We are Grade 5 Students from GEMS Dubai American Academy. Our episodes will discuss climate change issues, sustainable choices we are making, and what everyone can do to help save the planet. The Earth needs us, so tune in weekly and join us on our journey to a more sustainable life.

Planting Your Own Food

In this episode, students discuss the top eco-friendly countries, how global warming impacts natural disasters, and the benefits of growing your own p...
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Our Environment Around Us

In this episode, students discuss the Monarch butterfly migration in Mexico, cheetah endangerment, how their classroom space influences learning, how ...
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Moving Giants

In this episode, we discuss “Moving Giants”, an update on our school’s initiative for animals in Australia, and how to be more sustainable at home.
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Pouches, Progress & Popcorn

In this episode, we discuss what our school is doing to help animals in Australia, checking in on our sustainable goals, and giving you tips on how to...
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Goodbye to 2019

In this episode, we discuss Victoria Falls drying up, companies that help the environment, the long-term effects of a major oil spill, top countries t...
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Episode 9

In this episode, we discuss the wildfires in Australia, habitat destruction, collecting rainwater, how to reduce your electricity consumption, and how...
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Inquiring into Solar Panels

In this episode, we discuss melting ice in Antarctica, solar panels, an eco-friendly business, and what to do with your old phone!
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How We Help

We discuss the Amazon Rainforest, idling cars, and two sustainable choices you should make. We even interviewed some of our family and friends about w...
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