Swing Thoughts

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Great radio is theatre of the mind. We figured a podcast dedicated to the mental side of golf would be a natural. So we created one. Featuring golf expert Tim O'Connor and Humble Howard Glassman.

Show 180 10-1-2021

On this Fall episode Coach Tim throws down some Ted Lasso-esque vibes talking about team golf as well GSL gets angry and loses a 7 iron in the trees. ...
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Show 179 9-19-2021

It's another jam-packed episode filled with learnings and takeaways... Coach Tim talks University Golf and GSL debriefs the Ontario Senior AM where go...
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Show 178 9-10-2021

On this pre-Fall episode GSL and Coach Tim talk Ryder Cup, FedEx Cup and Player of the Year as well as Tim's PB and GSL's upcoming Senior Am. Also an ...
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Show 177 9-3-2021

It's a busy show as GSL and Coach Tim welcome golf Pysch guy and recent Canadian Mid-Am Champ Charles Fitzsimmons to talk breathing as a way to lower ...
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Show 176 8-27-2021

On this episode GSL and Coach Tim welcome Sam Jarman who talks about many aspects of the game and how our happiness is not tied to our scores and the ...
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Show 175 8-13-2021

On the latest ST Coach Tim and GSL break down some more competitive rounds of golf and focus on the Skills, Strategy and Scoring principles from the P...
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Show 174 8-6-2021

On this episode GSL and Coach Tim talk to Author, blogger and Coach Adam Young about helping people improve through external cues to help them produce...
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Show 173 7-23-2021

On the latest Swing Thought we welcome GSL's Brother David, smart guy and avid golfer to talk about the psychology of intentions and how they inform i...
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Show 172 7-9-2021

On this show GSL and Coach Tim talk about improving your short game and putting as well getting ready for Tim's Club Championship by being an Advocate...
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Show 171 6-30-2021

On this episode GSL and Coach Tim talk about what being good at golf really means and why re-framing that can lead to lower scores no matter what hand...
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