Swipe Out

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Swipe out, the podcast about first dates and other awkward situations.

Tom/Season Finale

On the finale of Season 1 of Swipe Out, we talk about a date I went on with a cool dude in Portland, and recap all the appealing attributes I added to...
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Sisterhood of the traveling dater! I go on a date with Ankur in New York City and dang, it's actually pretty great. This episode also covers the impor...
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On this episode, I go on a fancy bowling date with an ex-coworker of mine and concentrate very hard to not fart while throwing a gutter ball. Then, my...
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Jeffrey/Straight Up Good Looking

On this episode, I go on a date with a handsome rando from Tinder, and it turns out he used to live with someone I know in Brooklyn - but wait, that's...
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Lucky number 13! I go on a date with a funny guy I pretended to cat-call from my car! Friends call in funny cat-calling stories, and Andrew Michaan an...
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Gabe/Good Vibes

Alix goes on a dream art date in LA and swirls away in an anxiety spiral about how much she likes the super chill guy who took her on it. Later, Conz ...
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Patrick/Similar Musical Taste

The last of the Texas episodes! This one features a date with a sweet Austin boy with excellent musical taste who chimes in to tell us what he did and...
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Ian/Thirst For Knowledge

A special Houston date with an engineer named Ian! Does it go well or does Alix feel too intellectually inadequate to enjoy herself? Also, we talk to ...
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Connor/Slim Thicc

On this episode of Swipe Out, we talk to Brooklyn couple Ben and Maggie about their real-life meet cute and Alix revisits a recent date with a tall dr...
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