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There's more to gaming than playing the game

Live at Meeplestock

Wil and Becky talk about running board game conventions with Jason and Kat while hanging out at Meeplestock.  Both Jason and Kat are involved in runni...
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Gotta Have it all

Wil and Becky talk about the Fear of Missing Out.  Is it really a problem, all the ways it can rear its head and what we can do about it. ALSO: a quic...
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Nexus Game Fair Report

Wil and Becky talk about the games they played at the Nexus Game Fair (5/17).  A bit of a different episode, all game talk.  Not really reviews, per s...
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The Pros of Cons

Wil and Becky talk about board game conventions.  From the smallest local cons to the big names, why you should go and what you can expect when you do...
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Something New: D Day Dice Review!

Wil and Becky discuss the new edition of D Day Dice published by Word Forge Games.  As of Nov. 2017, it was up on Kickstarter looking for backers! Tab...
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Why We Game

Wil and Becky are joined by two guests, Myria and Jennie, and they talk about why they game.  From the personal to the universal, the question of why ...
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Game Group Dynamics

Wil and Becky talk about gaming groups.  Games are best played in groups but how do gaming groups work?  Is there a right or wrong way to run a gaming...
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Meet the Meta!

Welcome to the first episode of Tabletop Meta! Hello, all!  My husband, Wil, and I (Becky) love games, gaming and talking about games.  This episode o...
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