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A DnD podcast all about building worlds! Hosts Adil and Kevin talk about their experience playing tabletop games and fantasy worlds. What can these two build this week?

Episode 12 Homebrew haha!!

The guys are back after a tiny break with their thoughts on homebrew topics in TTRPGS.  They talk about some of the principles of variant rules within...
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Episode 11 Just Elfin Around.

With an elf, elf here, and an elf elf there. Here an elf, there an elf, everywhere an elf elf! Old McFantasy had a race E L V E S!  We're talking noth...
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Episode 6 Villains and Sidekicks!

Villains! Sidekicks! Important parts of any story and we discuss types of each on today's cast.  How do we kick it off?  With a tale of how some sidek...
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Episode 5 It's a trap!!!!!

We're talking traps and encounters today.   Literally a pitfall of discussion that'll leave you hanging in a tree!  We're hoping to really hook you in...
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