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Take Care of Your Selfie (TCOYS) is the movement to inspire, inform and activate you to take better care of yourself. TCOYS was founded by Anouk Schaap, a former banker who decided, after a period of many life-lessons, to start her own company. She wants to inspire you to put yourself first, to take good care of yourself, to follow your own path and to live from a place of trust. Take care of others' means to take care of yourself first. Putting yourself first is not selfish, it is needed. You need it, the world needs it.

Intuition visualisation

Your intuition is very powerful and always right. It is therefore important to get to know your intuition and to trust you intuition. If you know wher...
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Intuition meditation

This intuition will help you to better connect with your intuition, to trust and act according your intuition. 
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The Power of Self-love

What is the power of self-love?  Anouk invited Shanti Schiks for this episode. Shanti wrote a book about self-love: The Power of Self-love, a great na...
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Self-care in the love scene

How do you take care of yourself being single? How do you take care of yourself when you're in a relationship? How to find the right partner? Anouk an...
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