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Welcome to the Take the Leap Podcast where we talk about everything from running a business, to marriage, to morning routines, health, and faith! Encouraging you to trust God and take the leap in your life!

Learning from Navy Seals

Navy Seals are amongst some of the most disciplined group of people on the planet. In this episode we deep dive into how some lessons that we can all ...
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That ONE thing you should know

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to improve on something? In this episode Priscila and I discuss how to focus on ONE thing and how this can be...
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Pleasure 101

Hey guys! In today's episode we put a fun little spin on pleasure. We discuss as well as teach you guys how we (provide pleasure) in each others lives...
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Health Part 2

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Stop Eating Sh**

In this episode we take down REFINED sugar and carbohydrates so that you can STOP EATING SH**! 
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