Take This Lightly

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A comedy podcast with a fortnightly wrap-up of all things weird and absurd.

Episode 50 – Vienetta Gloryhole

Show number 50 has us feeling mighty fine. Brett’s got a birthday coming up. How should we celebrate? Strip clubs and Applebee’s desserts? Sure, sure....
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Episode 49 – Don’t Stop Us Now

November is here, which brings Christmas early in the form of marijuana law reform. So we load a fat bowl of midterm election discussion today. Trolls...
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Episode 48 – Hunting Hoomans

Like a wild beast out of the woods, TTL appears. But it’s not a wild beast. It’s hoomans. Please don’t hurt them. ’Tis the season of metal and horror ...
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Episode 47 – Happy Campers

Come take a look in this bag. It’s a tasty mix. We’re talking camping. We’re talking movies. We’re talking video games and cursing. The conversation i...
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Episode 45 – Tri-Tip Beef

Brett’s smoking fresh meat for the family. He’ll have none of that roasted chicken you’ve kept in your hot car all day. He gets weird about that. Afte...
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Episode 44 – Say Uncle

With ever-growing families, Brett and Jeff become uncles of new broods. That deserves a kiss on the mouth. What do we have to be embarrassed about? Do...
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Episode 43 – Float or Sink?

It’s Sunnerday afternoon and time for TTL day drinking! Brett has his eyes on the car of the future. Jeff and his family geek out on music and movies....
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