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Podcast by Maggie and Bri

Episode 22 He's Not That Into You

This is a catch all! We have been getting a lot of questions sent into us either personal or great ones found online, and this is where we put them! S...
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Episode 21 Weddings!

Love it or hate it, it's almost here! Wedding Season! It's all smooth sailing, having the happiest moment of your life be determined on an extremely h...
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Episode 20 Romantic Gestures

We bring on a new guest as we talk about romance and how all of us have different ideas on what that is. Also, Tom Cruise has weird teeth, and we all ...
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Episode 18 Workplace Romance

Ever dipped your pen in the company ink? Well, listen to us discuss that hot topic while also going off topic! Remember ChiChi's? We do...
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