Talk Radio Meltdown

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Lowbrow commentary on current events, pop culture, the world, and everything in between. Uncensored talk radio show from Boston, Massachusetts!

517: Zucc'd

The Warm-Up Welcome to the 517th installment of this podcast, currently known as Hardly Focused! Jack Gill, Mike Tarara, and Nate Fillers present this...
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515: Sex Cauldron

The Warm-Up Jack Gill, Chris Froment, and Nate Fillers present this installment of Hardly Focused! The warm-up kicks off with Jack expressing his disp...
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515, Part One: It Gets X-Rated

Hear more from 515: Sex Cauldron at Firing off this episode, Jack reveals that the British group Easy Life sampl...
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514: Godspeed, Turd Ferguson

The Warm-Up Jack Gill and Mike Tarara present this edition of Hardly Focused! Kicking off this episode, the two discuss the renewed, viral fame of Ste...
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514, Part One: RIP Norm Macdonald

Hear more from 514: Godspeed, Turd Ferguson at It’s a very sad day in the entertainment world, with the sudden p...
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