Talk Time

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Emily and Micah talk about life and love and other things that have been bothering them. Emily and Micah are married.

Talk Time Episode 27

Emily and Micah are back and words are coming from out of their faces and into your ears! Micah recounts an embarrassing Q and A from his days as a te...
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Talk Time 26

Emily and Micah. Talking. Speaking English. Covering all types of topics: Anger, depression, ants. Thanks for listening!!!!!
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Talk Time 25

Emily and Micah are back and they are talking for the 25th time! This week we hear more about the 3rd grade from Micah, Emily sings in her worship voi...
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Talk Time 23

Emily and Micah are back and they have decided to do some talking! This week, Micah's awkward working relationship with a Smokey Robinson look-a-like ...
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Talk Time 22

Emily and Micah are back, and oh yeah, should probably mention that THEY ARE TALKING! This week's topics include: Stories about Micah's old jobs, over...
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Talk Time 21

Emily and Micah are back and they are talking....duuhhhhhhhh! This week: More dumpster discussion, Toddlers and Tiaras, and Emily and Micah tell the s...
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Talk Time 20

Emily and Micah are back talking and talk they do! They talk mostly about trash picking, but also about psychopaths, and how Micah ripped the crotch o...
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Talk Time 2012 Flashback

Emily and Micah had a whole lot to talk about in 2012! Let's flashback and hear the best of the best of the talking!
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Talk Time 19

Emily and Micah are BACK and it's CHRISTMAS! So much to talk about! Colorado! Drag queens! Wieners!!!!! Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!
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