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Welcome to TalkFlirty Podcast the podcast where life is reflected through intimate conversation with me your host NikkiFWet. TalkFlirty Podcast is a podcast that discusses alternative narratives to topics people relate to intimately

Dead End

TalkFlirty Podcast was created in 2015 but really i just couldn't get it off the ground the way I had wanted. If I had done so in its early stages who...
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Get Along

They say build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs. That's also true in relationships. Often times one partner ends up playi...
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Lowered Expectations

Mic check... 1.. 2. In most cases people shoot the messenger instead of listening to the message.Tune in for a casual conversation about Black women, ...
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In Love In Fall

Things change, seasons change, but love remains the same. Tune in to this episode for a few tips to weathering love during cuffing season.
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II Timothy

Listen to this weeks episode for an intimate conversation about navigating 2020 and conquering fear...For God have not given me the spirit of fear but...
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You can never go wrong with telling someone... if only you knew how much I do, do need you. Listen to this weeks episode for a brief conversation abou...
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New Normalcy

It seems like life has been a video game Fallout: New Vegas, and with the city beginning to open back up I can barely imagine how life in Sin City wil...
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Survival of the Fittest

Were you raised on love and your partner on survival (or vice versa)? How does that work for you and how do you navigate those differences? There is d...
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