Talking Brown Sugar

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A bi-weekly series of real, light-hearted conversations between mother-daughter duo Angela and Rajah. The two hilariously talk life lessons and more! Support this podcast:

Episode 35: Coping With This Mess

Today Angela and Rajah talk with entrepreneur and owner of Body, Mind, and Scents Alana Gilbert about really supporting small business! Visit https://...
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Episode 34: The Time is Now

Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram @TalkingBrownSugar, and on Twitter @TalkingBrownSug use #TalkingBrownSugar or #TBSug! Leave us a voice...
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It’s May, We’re Checking In

Continue to send us your business, product, or service mentions to! See you all soon! --- Support this podcast: https://a...
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Episode 33: Chit for Chat

Today Angela and Rajah ask: How do you get along with your in-laws? Where do we go from here? What do you want to know about your hosts? Join the conv...
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Episode 32: New Year Eats!

Today Angela and Rajah ask: Where’s my package?   Where do you teach from love, patience, or?  How are people bringing in the New Year around the worl...
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Episode 31: Peaceful Surroundings

Today Angela and Rajah ask:  Does your dog bark the truth?  How do you save money during the holiday season?  How does Natalie Murdock practice self c...
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Episode 29: You Need to Know

Today Angela and Rajah ask: Who picks up the poo?  What kinds of music gets you going? You get that from you mom or dad?  Join the conversation on Fac...
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Episode 28: Family Quirks & Perks

Today Angela and Rajah ask:  Would you spend the money or return it?   Have you met your number neighbor?   You get that from you mom or dad?   Join t...
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Episode 27: #BFFL

Today Angela and Rajah ask:  How can you brighten someone’s day?   Do people really drink La Croix for the taste?   #Friends How many of us have them?...
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