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Weekly pod where two brothers share ideas and talk about random topics. ( Pop Culture, Religion, Politics, Arguments, Games and more. ) Support this podcast:


In this episode we discuss characters, aliens, and monsters/ creatures who had been experimented on. Whats good, whats bad, whats awesome, and what we...
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Robot Uprising

(Cinematic Voice) Robots are rising up and theres nothing that can stop them... or is there, I can't say much because they are check th...
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The Afterlife

We did it... we made it!.. to the afterlife and we are taking you all with us. This time what would you do to stay inside or outside of the afterlife,...
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In this episode there is a few things I could say about it, but I won't so there, take it or leave it. What to say, what to say, anyways watch this ep...
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I was told I need a good opener... so I was standing there holding my brand new, barely used car keys and then it hit me. When I woke up my appendix w...
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Weird Science

In this we discuss a hole lot of weird and dumb science that probably shouldn't exist... but DO! (Spoilers) We are sorry for the late episode we had s...
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Original Disney Stories

In this episode we talk about the disney stories and there original Grim Tales version, or the stories they are based off of. We grew up on Disney so ...
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90's Cartoons

Are you ready for the most nostalgic episode ever, we cry, we laugh, we die! So here it is the best, and most sexy disappointment in the world.  --- T...
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Tech/ Gear

In this episode we invent awesome gear... just kidding we talk about the cool, awful, useful tech that show up in movies. We have small tangents into ...
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Best/Worst Universe to live in

Want to know what we talk about then listen here... I mean read here. This episode that is titled the best/worse universe to live in is an episode abo...
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