Talkography Season 4

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The Development and Dissemination of Popular Culture

Season 5 Preview

Season 5 is here! Re-subscribe now - just search Talkography in the iTunes store.
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Special Guest Star

The Talkographers are joined by a popular guest, Aram. And this time he hosts the show as only Aram can. Nick returns triumphant from the Iron Man and...
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Trending Topics

After checking out the competition, the boys launch themselves into another great show. All the talk of the day is discussed, almost bound to be out-o...
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Almost every 'funny' news story in this week's episode seems to have more than a hint of tragedy about it. But, as always, the Talkographers bring you...
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Bonus: Nick's CD Club

We didn't have time in Episode 3 to bring you the debut of Nick's CD Club. So here it is - enjoy. Don't forget to look for us on iTunes where the enti...
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Hitler's Naughty Ghost

Adam's back and we bring you a jam-packed show. Practically unedited in all its shambolic glory. Featuring all the usual and more, including the not-t...
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An Evening with Andrew and Nick

In Adam's absence, we bring you a very special (and strikingly similar to any other) episode. So kick-back, relax and indulge yourself in an intimate ...
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Back and Fourth!

The waiting is over. The Talkographers are back with the fourth season! Brand new features plus all the old favourites. The boys take the chance to ca...
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