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The Taller Lying Down Podcast is a no holds barred look at music, movies, entertainment news, and sports of two fairly funny, opinionated middle aged dudes. We also go off on wild tangents and diatribes at random! Listen now!

TLD Season 2 #16 "Covid Update"

You're still stuck at home so you might as well listen to the hosts of the Taller Lying Down Podcast, Adam and Craig, ramble on about TV, Being s...
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TLD Season 2 #15 "Macho Men"

Join hosts Adam and Craig as they discuss "Macho Men" in film. From Classics like John Wayne and Rock Hudson to Bruce Willis, Sly Stallone and Denzel ...
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TLD Season 2 #14 "Buggin' Out"

In this episode of the Taller Lying Down Podcast, hosts Adam and Craig are discussing "Bugging Out." From how to make a Bug Out bag to where and how t...
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