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Tapped In is a podcast that covers the craft beer scene in and around Bellingham, WA. From interviews to owners and brewers, to drop ins events, Tapped In gives you access to the region’s hottest craft beer community.

Frank Trosset II

Frank and I sit outside on the party-o (properly distanced), drink some home brews, enjoy the warmth, and discuss the future.Enjoy!Recorded on July 21...
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At long last, I finally "sit down" with Skip Madsen, a long-time friend and brewing legend in Washington State. We talk about the Seattle brewing scen...
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Corona Check In #5 + Teaser!

Yet another check-in as we move into Phase 2. We hear from watering holes and breweries about how they're moving forward with customers being able to ...
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Corona Check In #4

A little chat about what beer "flipped the switch" for me, what the ions in brewing salts actually do, and more ponderings in the time of quarantine.
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Corona Check In 3

This week on our lil' episode I ask myself another of the "fun" questions I unfairly ask everyone else, we dive into the basics of pH and why it's so ...
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Corona (con lima) check in 2

Just making sure everyone is staying sane. Learn how to think in percentages when formulating a recipe and what MY first beer was.Recorded on April 10...
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Corona Check In

Just checking in with all of you and making sure you're making it through ok. Hopefully with a beer in hand.
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