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For foodies who love travel and travelers who love food. I'm Seth Resler. Each week, I talk to a culinary expert from a different city about their local dining scene. Join me as we find out where the natives really eat when they go out.

115: A Look at Food Tourism

Seth Resler, the founder of Taste Trekkers and the host of the Find Dining podcast, spoke about food tourism at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo...
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113: Israel

Inbal Baum, the founder of Delicious Israel, talks about the food scene in her country.
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112: Ballpark Food

Bennet Jacobstein, author of The Joy of Ballpark Food: From Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine, talks to us about what foodies can find at different baseball s...
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110: Portland, Oregon

Heidi Burnette of Forktown Food Tours in Portland, Oregon, tells us about her food scene. We talk about food carts, merroir, and the fact that real Or...
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109: Jeff Greif of Travel Squire

Jeff Greif, Editor in Chief of TravelSquire.com, tells us about his publication's list of the top 28 destinations for 2015, and tells us which ones ar...
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108: Traveling the World

Seven years ago, Jodi Ettenberg, the blogger behind Logal Nomads, quit her job to travel the world and enjoy food. In this episode, she tells us how s...
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107: Crete

Giorgos Maltezakis of Cretan Paths tells us about the culinary scene on the Greek island of Crete. We discuss olives, wines, and minotaurs.
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