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TBH Podcast is a bi weekly music and culture podcast, hosted by Eboni (@ebzworldpeace) and Daniel (@dbcxptures). They get together to discuss, debate and critique everything ranging from the latest releases and music to popular trends and moments within pop culture. Press play on what's going to be a frank, funny and open conversation on all the things we enjoy Intro music by @kwesibeats

Episode 29: Transitions

We discuss Kanye's DONDA antics and the transitional phases that artists go through in their careers, Dave's new album, Stormzy's transition from unde...
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Episode 26: Applying Pressure

Apologies for the delay, this episode was recorded last week and we reminisce about Nicki Minaj and her breakthrough mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty (12:36)...
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Episode 25: Too Many Man

Daniel talks us through his vaccine experience (04:48) Then we discuss the lack of women at Wireless Festival (8:14) and has Nas started to hit his st...
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Episode 24: Going Through Changes

This episode we start off talking about the George Floyd verdict, the passing of DMX & Black Rob (00:00) Then discuss dealing with change and how it a...
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Episode 23: The People's Court

This week we start off discussing the toxicity that's rampant on the Clubhouse app (0:00), then consider what social media norms and values will look ...
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Episode 22: Conflict of Interest

We kick things off this week with Daniel discussing the curation accuracy of Spotify's Discover Weekly and take a trip down memory lane as Eboni revis...
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Episode 21: Popstar

We jump back in and discuss Chip's new release Snakes & Ladders, and ask whether the music suffers when an artist is transitioning into 'Popstar'. Wha...
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Episode 20: The Limelight

We discuss Ivorian Doll's thread regarding her current partnership deal with Oliver Ashley that has gone sour. Has social media skewed our perception ...
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