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The TDWG Podcast is Scott Norman and Paul Davidson. One is a social studies teacher. The other is an ELA teacher. Both are dumb and woke.

Jamie Massey Shoots on Wrestling

On this episode, we invite the one and only Jamie Massey on to shoot on his beloved professional wrestling. We desperately try to smart Mr. Norman up ...
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Suggustion Box 2021

In this episode, Norman and Davidson empty out the Suggustion Box for the first and only time during the 2020-2021 school year.
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TDWG Plays Among Us... Again

On this episode, Norman and Davidson try their hands at playing Among Us again. Somehow, it ended up being both better yet worse at the same time.
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Super Mario & Super Presidents

On this episode, Norman and Davidson play Super Mario World while grading every third president. How'd they do on the best Mario game? How did they as...
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Happy Alliday!

 On this episode, Norman and Davidson invent Alliday: a holiday that encompasses all holidays into one day. They detail what traditions will be incorp...
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TDWG Plays Pokemon

 In this episode, Davidson tries to help Norman navigate the strange and wonderful world of Pokemon. Will Mr. Norman catchem all or will he blackout? ...
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