Teaching and Sermons by Chris Krycho

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Faithful exposition of Scripture in the catholic, Reformed, evangelical tradition.

Christology, Week 4

Week 4: Ascension, Session, & Reign; Conclusion Introduction Good morning everyone! Before we jump into the lesson, let’s pray! Well, today is the las...
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Christology, Week 3

The weight of what we should have born, born for us by Christ; and the wonder of what Christ’s resurrection means for us—forever.Week 3: Suffering and...
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Christology, Week 2

Israel’s Messiah and the Incarnation Introduction Good morning, everyone! Let’s start by praying! Today we’re picking up in the second of our four wee...
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Christology, Week 1

Introduction and Eternal Sonship Part 1: Introduction Opening and Prayer All right, good morning everyone; let’s get going! Before we start, let me in...
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God Is With Us

John 14:15–31: We love and obey God; God dwells with us. This sermon was delivered in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Dr. Marty Jacumin's S...
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A Strange and Messy Deliverance

Judges 3:7–31: Three stories, three judges and deliverers, one saving God. The following was delivered in partial fulfillment of the requirements of D...
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A Humble, Selfless, Unity

Believers are called to a humble, selfless, unity which reflects the humble, selfless, unity of the Trinity. The following was written in partial fulf...
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