Tell Me A Story with Eddie Lenihan

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Eddie Lenihan is Ireland’s most well known storyteller. He has been telling tales for over 35 years. As a cultural preservationist, Eddie has amassed the largest collection of folk stories and tales in Ireland. His dedication to the tradition has seen him collect and compile stories from all across the country, particularly those that deal with the themes of the supernatural, fairies and Irish lore. Each month, Eddie will share Irish wisdom and stories from the past on the Tell Me A Story with Eddie Lenihan podcast. Produced and recorded by Philip Murphy and John Lillis. Music by Clare Sands.Photography by Valerie O’Sullivan.

Episode 20 : The Care Of The Dead

Death has always been a mournful time. The transition from one world into another. In Ireland, the rituals and practices that surrounded a funeral and...
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Episode 19 : Trades Part 2

This month, Eddie continues his study of the old trades of Ireland. Things back then were made to last, where as things today are made to wear out. Th...
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episode 18 : Trades Part 1

Trades-people formed the backbone of society in traditional Ireland, supplying the public with hand-made tools and services. This month, Eddie looks a...
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Episode 17 : Birds

Ireland has a wide variety of native birds, full of colour and character. This month, Eddie discusses the superstitions and symbolic relevance that bi...
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Episode 16 : Roads Pt.2

Eddie continues his discussion of roads in Ireland, this time reflecting on some of the stranger aspects of our routes and byways. He speaks of the si...
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Episode 15 : Roads Pt.1

This month, Eddie takes a historic look at the role that roads play in Ireland in all their complexity, beauty and ugliness. The windy and straight, t...
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Episode 13 : Christmas

This month, Eddie speaks about Christmas customs and traditions in Ireland in the olden days. A time for preparations, rituals and feasts. The point o...
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Episode 12 : Trees

We're back at last. This month, Eddie speaks about the great trees of Ireland, and why they held such a profound spiritual power over the native Irish...
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Samhain special via Zoom

*Low quality audio* With Covid lockdown restrictions, recording in person with Eddie is impossible. But Eddie still wants to get some Samhain stories ...
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