Tell Your Friends Podcast

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A Weekly Podcast Where Friends sit down tell stories and discuss life and current events with a little help of alcohol and other substances. Enjoy the Show, because we wont remember …..

Episode 138| It's all for You...

The gang is all here today chopping it up and toasting to some casamigos .. Its been a stormy couple of weeks but we pulled through today and got to d...
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Episode 137| Pho- kyu Noodles

YERRRRRRR This is the one where we find out about noodles and conspiracies that don't even exist .. -4th of July Plans -uhhhhhh Cult Movies...(but not...
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Episode 136| ADULT SWIM

alright guys im back doing captions!!!!!and the boys are back doing shows!!!! on todays zoomed episode we talk about -Eriks Vape story -The Subway San...
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Episode 131| GhostBussin

On Episode 131 of the podcast the guys try to warm up tp the new studio while also kicking it and talking about -Crunchy tacos - Antho's trip to LA -S...
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