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Join Matthew Melton and Cody Fitch each week as they discuss, debate, and celebrate all things baseball. No over analyzing statistics or deep strategics here, just two baseball fans talking about the fun and sometimes ridiculous aspects of the sport.

TBS 131: The Heaven Plate

No, TBS Nation, this isn't Heaven. But maybe don't stand too close to home plate while you listen to Jimmy try to remember his way through a certain m...
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TBS 128: It Can't Get Any Worse

Happy 2021 MLB season, friends! We hope you like our tagline for it, as well as our covering of extra innings/ghost runners, Atlanta/NYM shenanigans, ...
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TBS 126: Rotary Club Omerta

We're back dear listeners, with a reminder that what happens at the weird old man club doesn't always stay at the weird old man club. Fix yourself a D...
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TBS 124: 30 for 30: .500

What if I told you that a baseball team would defy the odds, silence the critics and reward the faithful by winning as many games as they lose? Listen...
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TBS 123: 50 Shades of Mookie

We don't know about you TBS Nation, but the very thought of our favorite players playing well for another team...awakens...something within us. Join u...
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