That Tuesday Sound Art Podcast

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That Tuesday is a podcast produced in France by American sound artist and poet Marjorie Van Halteren. In each episode Marjorie meets another sound and/or music maker, who accepts the That Tuesday challenge to exchange and perform. The podcast is usually bi-lingual French English - and universally understood by all who ride the frequencies in search of beautiful noise. Arts, performing arts.

Brian Price: Silence is Coming

Audio art piece created over distances by Marjorie Van Halteren (France) and Brian Price (USA) for the That Tuesday podcast. Mark Time Grandmaster Bri...
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Helen Engelhardt's Brooklyn

The Brooklyn of the past and of the heart and mind. Storyteller and author Helen Engelhardt takes us in search of that emblematic borough and her rich...
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John Baxter and the Latin Quarter

John Baxter writes and writes...about film, other writers, and Paris. His adopted city has him walking and talking, too - he can't help it. Paris, c'e...
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