That Woman In Me.

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Listen, listen and listen. This is probably what you were looking for! To listen to a voice that has a lot of drama and melancholy, joy and sorrow, hope and determination and above all, a connection. A connection to your heart where you realise that you are not alone.

Oops! I said it!

Hey pals, I am back with a bang. I sincerely apologise if you have been waiting for my episodes. I was on a break but now that I am back, you'll be he...
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Yeh Candid wala episode part 2

Hey Guys! Thank you for passing by. Please understand that the sole purpose of my podcast is to entertain and spread positivity. I don't talk about so...
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Kuch Apna, kuch uska!

Hello Specials! Today, in this episode I speak about the weather! And whether you could ever change someone's life by lending a helping hand. I hope y...
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A few more good words and EGO!

Hey People! Thank you so much for the love and support. I know we are going through hard times so here I come in your service with a brand new episode...
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Mother's Day special

Hey people, The motto of today's episode is to celebrate Mother's Day. You shall hear a small excerpt of my conversation with a special guest! She spo...
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Time to be sensible not stupid.

Hey people, Thank you for listening to my previous episodes. This episode is different from the rest. I speak my heart out regarding the current situa...
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Episode 2. Me!

This episode is all about me. About myself, my family, what I do, what I want to do, etc.
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You can't always be jolly!

Depression - a serious issue which is sidelined by most people. Why can't we accept the fact that being depressed over something is normal? Why is a d...
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