That's Folked Up

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That’s Folked Up: A podcast of classic fairy tales and folktales with a modern take. They don’t hold up.

11. Faithful John

A trusty servant goes to great lengths to save an ignorant king and his gold-obsessed bride. Join us for Faithful John by the Brothers Grimm. We promi...
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09. Bushy Bride

Meet a lovely maiden and her mean ole stepsister, the Bushy Bride, who has a 15-foot nose and a fir bush growing out of her forehead. We also learn th...
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07. Donkey Skin

Today's tale teaches us the value of NOT giving into your dad's marriage proposal while still getting very pretty dresses - and the first donkey Furry...
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05. The Wild Swans

This Hans Christian Andersen classic brings us the tale of royalty with way too many siblings who fall under a curse via their evil stepmother. Only t...
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03. The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Haelee tells us the story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses by the Brothers Grimm. Honestly, we're exhausted just thinking about this one.  Follow us o...
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02. The Nunda, Eater of People

Haelee and Becky travel to Zanzibar in this tale of a date-palm-loving sultan, a killer cat, and a ravenous bird (that is no help at all). Hold onto y...
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