That’s What B Said: A Cleveland Sports Podcast


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That's What B Said: A Cleveland-based sports podcast hosted by Brittany Mollis and Brianna Rust. Every week the Bs will break down the latest trending topics in the sports world with a special focus on Cleveland. From the Browns to the Cavs to the Indians - That's What B Said will keep you entertained and informed on all things Cleveland!

The One Where We Go Off

The Bs all have something they want to get off their chests this week - for Brittany it's Cavs fans wanting to trade Collin Sexton for Ben Simmons, fo...
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The One Where We Get Real

The Bs are back after a week off! They talk about loss and death, and how they handle losing loved ones. Bri and Britt talk about why they were "nomin...
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The One Where We're Just Vibing

The Bs catch up on life and try to get to the bottom of why everyone is so mad online. They reiterate why this pod is so important to them and what th...
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