That's What People Do

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Join James Kay ( and Ryan McGown ( as we tell you the stories of awesome and inspirational people that you may or may not know of! We also delve into those people who have done some downright awful things. Two good, two bad people a month! You never know what somebody is capable of… because That's What People Do!

102: Wyatt Earp - Part 2

We conclude our two-parter on Wild West gunslinger Wyatt Earp. Find out how he influenced Hollywood, whilst potentially being a really bad Boxing refe...
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Wyatt Earp - Part 1

We are back after a summer break! This week we dive straight into the wild west where Ryan tells us the first part of Wyatt Earp, a famous figure who ...
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Coming Soon!

Summer break is over. So, what can you expect in the next couple weeks?   Support the show here  Check out the Merch!
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100: Julius Caesar

Who was the first Emperor of Rome? WRONG!! This week, James takes us way back to the time of Julius Caesar, Dictator for Life.   Support the show here...
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99: The Essex Boys

This week, Ryan covers the infamous 'Essex Boys' and the Rettendon Murders.  Support the show by checking out the merch -
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Henry VIII

This week, James covers the life of England's most prolific womaniser, Henry VIII. Check out the merch store here - Support the show he...
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97: James Randi

Ryan tells us all about The Amazing James Randi, a man dedicated to illusions, and busting those who are pretending to be something they are not! Pick...
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96: Oskar Dirlewanger

*Dislclaimer - This episode is dark and has depictions of violence and sexual acts* This week, James gets dark with the story of Oskar Dirlewanger, th...
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