The Final Project Podcast

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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback SAP ID-500092408 I hope you enjoy this podcast, I actually had a blast making this, and the classes were absolutely amazing.

The final Conclusion

This is the last or the final episode of the final project podcast. this has been amazingmaking this podcast, very fun and i hope to make more podc...

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Episode 4

Inform the world: An informational interview with someone I admire/idolise.

In this episode i Interview on of my first friends in college who...

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Episode 3

Words Music Dance: my takeaways and goals for my future conversations.

What i learned and my key takeaways from this amazing class ! ! !

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Episode 2

My team: friends & foes together on one mission. see how we wanted breakfast.. Did we get breakfast though? I do not know. listen to find out

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Episode 1

This is the episode where i talk about a life changing conversation i had with a friend...

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This is where i introduce myself, who i am, why i am and why I am doing this ?

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