The Food-Covid Podcast

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In the time of pandemic and lockdown when the supply chain is broken and food system is going through a crises, there are stories of people coming together as a community to fix these broken links. My aim through this podcast is to share such stories and talk to the people behind these initiatives.

Episode 6 - Farming for change

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Food Covid Podcast. My guest for this episode is Abhay Bhatia, one quarter of OOO Farms in the Sahyadri Hi...
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Episode 4: An apple a day

Hard times need smart measures and this episode features a similar smart measure from a small village in Uttarakhand. Anand Shankar, who runs a social...
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Episode 3: Fodder for thought

During the first phase of lockdown in India, a video from Karnataka went viral which showed milkmen throwing away fresh milk in a canal. While the ini...
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