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America’s most prominent provocateur Brian Howie brings it to you fresh and feisty each week on The Great Food Feud - the Podcast for the Passionate Palate! Must-have meals? Peculiar preferences? Strong opinions in the kitchen? Things get hot and spicy as we dish about all the dishes with some of your favorite celebrities, personalities, and food industry figures! From Master chefs to wannabe gourmets, from fine dining fans to fast food aficionados, everyone gets a seat at our table! So join us - subscribe now on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts!

Ep. 8 - We're Talkin' Tacos!

Season 2 of the GFF kicks off with a trip to the famed Crack Taco Shop in San Diego! Emmy Award-winner (and Taco Princess) Jenny Milkowski joins in to...
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Ep. 7 - Lisa Lillien

Hungry Girl founder Lisa Lillien grabs a seat at our table to talk being satisfied, growing an eating empire, following your passion, secret ways to g...
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Ep. 6 - Big Brain Food

Can eating smart make you smarter? Reinvent founder Pamela Sisson takes a seat at the table to dig in and dish on everything you need to eat to unfree...
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Ep. 5 - Say Cheese

It's an homage to fromage as the Feud dives into all things cheese! Cheese Whiz Mark Brush comes to the table to talk making your own cheese, discover...
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Ep. 4 - The Coffee Clash

Are we hooked on the taste, the caffeine, or the routine? Master Barista Jessica Anguiano joins our table to talk about America's java jonesing, stran...
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Ep. 3 - Compromise Cuisine

Can't we all just get along..and order? Famously finicky Jen Glantz, author of When You Least Expect It, grabs a seat at our table to dish about moder...
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Ep. 2 - The Essential Italian

The best way to layer lasagna? Are meatballs an entree? What is a proper pizza topping? Should mozzarella be eaten like a fruit? Is Domino's an Italia...
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Ep. 1 - Make Or Break Bar Food

We head to Charlotte to dive into the Queen City's emerging gastropub scene; and are joined by Good Eats & Meets founder Richard Gruica and social but...
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Let's Play The Feud!

Welcome to The Great Food Feud with Brian Howie - the podcast for the passionate palate! Let's whet your appetite for what's ahead!
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