The Hadassah Collective With Claire Marrinan

Listens: 10.97k


The Hadassah Collective, hosted by Claire Marrinan, is a unique, wellness-centered community created in and inspired by India, the birthplace of holistic health disciplines.

The Hadassah Collective Podcast brings together a carefully curated selection of my most-trusted and inspiring innovators from every area of the health and wellness space.

Our desire is to democratize holistic health and wellness information, education, and experience, to make conscious lifestyle mainstream and accessible through our guests’ personal, human journeys, and their professional expertise.

I invite my guests to freely share their gifts, their wisdom, their journeys, and their diverse points of view. Discussing a vast range of topics including integrated diet and fitness, yogic science, modern mental health, and holistic lifestyle, to inspire you with relatable tools to help you consciously customize, support, and expand your life.