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The show that's dedicated to helping aspiring home cooks grow their skills and confidence in the kitchen so they can start cooking up memories with their family and friends!

Breaking Bread with Sarah Gonzalez

Sarah Gonzalez stops by The Kitchen Counter today to talk about her excellent new baking cookbook "Baking with the Bread Lady: 100 Delicious Recipes Y...
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Around the World in Four Flavors

Sometimes you just need some new flavors to put to work in your regular cooking routine. On today's episode we take a quick trip around the world to l...
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Smorgasbord September 2021

On today's smorgasbord episode we take a look at the difference between bananas and plantains, talk about my favorite pan for college students, freezi...
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Rum with Bryan Dias

Today on the show my friend Bryan Dias of the NOLA Drinks Show stops by to talk about that most Caribbean of spirits: Rum. It would be easy to get los...
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Smorgasbord August 2021

On today's Smorgasbord episode I check in with Tejal Rao of the New York Times on her new Veggie newsletter project, share some S'mores Blossom Cookie...
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Let's Cook: Jerk Pork

The beginning of August officially signals the dog days of summer here in Oregon. While there are fewer prettier places this time of year, I do find m...
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Test Cook: Beyond Meat

Today on the show I sit down with my brother Randy and we compare notes on our test cook of three popular Beyond Meat products: breakfast sausages, Ho...
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Talking Food with Mark Bittman

Today on the show Mark Bittman stops by to talk about his fantastic new podcast "Food with Mark Bittman." We also hit upon a range of other interestin...
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Basics of Brining

Summer is coming, and along with that, grilling season. Everyone who has ever tended the fire in a backyard cookout knows that it's a fine line betwee...
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