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The Online Fitness Business Podcast, hosted by Pat Flynn, Jordan Syatt, and Som Sikdar, aims to equip coaches and trainers with the tools and tactics they need to conquer the digital channel. From social media to email marketing and more, The Online Fitness Business Podcast is about teaching you how to stand out and make an impact, so you can earn more clients, customers, and fans.

How to Be a Famous Instagram Coach

In this episode, we give advice to college kids, ideas for building value, and how to become a famous "Instagram Coach", and why that's not something ...
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Product Launch 102

Jordan and I continue our discussion on how to have a successful online product/service launch. This episode is not to be missed!
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Product Launch 101

Pat and Jordan discuss how to run an effective online product (or service) launch campaign. You do not want to miss this episode.  Part 1 of 2
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How to Gain Social Media Attention

This is really it folks. When you have attention, you have the single greatest asset you need to launch a profitable business. The only quest then is,...
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We Answer Your Business Questions

We held our first (Facebook) live episode to answer everyone's questions on air. We got a lot of good ones, and cover a lot of ground. Everything from...
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Why Generalist > Specialist

This episode argues the core of Pat's philosophy of generalism. That argument is this: Forget being the best in the world. Instead, focus on getting g...
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