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A short-form podcast where the hosts talk about anything and everything in the techno-managerial world!

S3E1 - Women, Work and Feminism

For decades, women have struggled to be recognised for their work not only in their homes but also in workplaces. From being told that they are “to...

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S2E6 - An Antidote to Self-Doubt

In this episode of the Perspective series, we dive into today's social media-driven world, where the number of likes on a picture defines the mood ...

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S2E5 - The Stoic Way of Life

Philosophies have greatly affected the culture and behaviour of humankind. They are based on our knowledge, nature of mind, and ethics. But to what...

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S2E4 - Start It Up!

In this episode of the Perspective series, we talk with the founder of DaurCom and Bliss Foundation, Utkarsh Gupta, to try and find out wha...

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S2E3 - Game On

Gaming means different things to different people; from being a simple distraction to being a passion, it comes in various modes and levels.

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S2E2 - Sustainable Development

Scientists have been harping about the environmental destruction caused by humanity for decades. Why haven't we done anything about it? What can we...

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S2E1 - Money Matters

The pandemic is leaving its marks on many aspects of our lives, and it’s tough to say if the scars will disappear soon. With job losses reaching an...

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S1E7 - Anime-ted Discussions

 In this episode, two anime enthusiasts try to enlighten a total newbie. In this fun episode, we stray away from the world of Science and Tech...

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S1E5 - Of Myths and Mythology - I

This is the first part of a two-part episode on Myths and how they have shaped our lives. We are joined by Dr Vinod Balakrishnan, a renowned expert...

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