The Tea with P

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Peyton Johnson is throwing a tea party in Des Moines, Iowa and you're invited. We're talking about college life, pop culture, music and being funny while doing it. How do like your tea? Tell me @TeawithP

The Quaran-TEA with P

Peyton is back in the "studio" and by herself and she has a new attitude. Here's to staying sane in qurantine with a new season of The Tea with P. We ...
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Mikey Brown!: The Vodka with P

Mikey Brown and I talk about the three things we have in common: Being Black, being icons, liking boys. This was taped forever ago, Mikey sweetie I'm ...
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Grant Blume!

Throwback episode from forever ago. Literally forever. Grant and I talk about Riot on Sunset Blvd., vulnerability, and Cher. Grant is a good man and a...
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Catherine from Glitter Density!

Throwback episode from forever ago. Literally forever. Catherine and I talk about being in bands, being in clothes and just being. It’s all love baby....
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Eli Olson!

Throwback episode! Literally from forever ago. DSM's most eligible bachelor Eli Olsen talk about fashion, nice watches and super heroes. He’s so cool ...
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Alexis Davis!: The Iced Tea

My high school friend Alexis Davis comes over to catch up! Topic includes being black in Iowa, flowing, and solid self love. It's almost like we grew ...
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Introducing The Iced Tea with P. No one gets anywhere alone. Thank you to listeners like you. @TeaWithP
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