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This podcast is for people who know that this industry is not about the network marketer anymore! It's about the people we serve and the change we can make in other peoples lives. It's about the entrepreneur inside each of us who is trying to find our voice. It's for the people who want to change the world and are looking for the most powerful way to make that happen.

How Do You Know What To Focus On?

Peak performance experts say things like, “You should focus. You need to eliminate the distractions. Commit to one thing and become great at that thin...
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Offer Stacking, What Is It?

What exactly is offer stacking? Offer stacking occurs when people combine deals or rewards in a way that isn't intended by either the manufacturer or ...
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Seek a Financial Turnaround

It’s an experience common to a lot of people. You overspend for years and don’t really think about your finances. Something changes and you begin to t...
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Content Systemization

A content system is a process of creating, engaging, managing, and optimizing data-driven information that serves an unmet need for a niche audience. ...
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The Hero's Journey

If you learn to tell stories with your feelings instead of telling the details, you can truly entice someone to that specific tale! Everyone has a jou...
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The Power of Storytelling

Let cut to it. Storytelling can launch your sales through the roof. It works because people love hearing about characters who face and overcome challe...
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Creating Your Hook

Why is it vital to have a great hook? The purpose of having a hook is obviously to grab attention and give your clients and future clients a reason to...
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Why The Script Matters!

It's important that you know what you are doing when you are writing a script. PERIOD.  A script is ESSENTIAL when it comes to pre-production. In orde...
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