The Thoughts of SHE : A Poetry Podcast

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The Thoughts of SHE : A Poetry Podcast , is written and produced by the virtuosic poet Rasheeda , SHE creates spoken word poetry for the soul. Various poems covering various topics will be showcased by Rasheeda herself. Enjoy?

S4 E4 The History of SHE

In celebration of Black History Month, join Rasheeda in this special episode "The History of SHE". Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora,  iHe...
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S4 E3 SHE Has Something To Say

 Join Rasheeda in this session of SHE Has Something To Say as she discusses her latest series entitled "Dreams Come True". Available on Apple Podcasts...
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S4 E1 I met you in a dream

SHE'S BACK!!!!! Rasheeda is back with another poem  in this first episode of season four. "I met you in a dream" is the first poem in a two part ...
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S3 E20 SHE Has Something to Say

Join Rasheeda as she discusses the latest series "Voicemail Diaries", in this last episode of season 3. Happy New Year! ?Available on Apple Podcasts, ...
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S3 E18 A Girl I Used To Know

Join Rasheeda as she recites "A Girl I Used To Know", the fifth installment to the series Voicemail Diaries. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pan...
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