The Three Taboos: Cancer, Grief and Mental Health

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Personal stories and conversations hosted by writer, performance coach and mental health advocate Tabby Kerwin. Inspired by Tabby’s book published in 2020 of the same name. This podcast aims to start open, honest and non-judgemental conversations about taboo topics such as cancer, grief and mental health. More info at

Ep 9 - Cancer, Life & Business

On  Episode 8 I am delighted to be joined by two wonderful humans and friends, Sarah & Martin Jolley-Jarvis. Founders and the brains behind their own ...
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Ep 6 - Distortions of the Mind

What is a distortion of the mind? Is it normal to have vivid dreams or make a decision about our whole day based on one small adverse event in the mor...
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Ep 4 - The Art of Grief

*** Trigger warnings of death and grief *** In Episode 4 I talk about 'The Art of Grief'. There are so many ways you can experience grief and right no...
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Ep 2 - What is Mental Health?

In episode 1 of this podcast I’m asking the question what is mental health? It seems a good time to ask this question as I launch the podcast during t...
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