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Advancing the way Sports is broadcasted one wave at a time! You want social media sports news we got it.... You want fan and professional Hot Takes we got it... You want innovation, and energy we got that too... Sports is our passion, your entertainment is our drive. We are here to bring you the biggest, and least known sports topics in a fresh and exciting way! Tune-In to this wave you won't want to miss it!

TWP 009: "NewWave Wednesday 2.0"

Here we are with another NewWave Wednesday! Y'all know how this works, we take some of the most out there topics and bring them to you over the airway...
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TWP 008: "Bob and Weave"

Oh man we coming at y'all with another episode of the Tidal Wave Podcast..... Join me as I dive into som epic topics such as What Long-shot NFL teams ...
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TWP 007: "Transitions"

Join me and Phillip as we cover some topics from around the Football and Basketball world such as... Are 2.0 QBs phasing out the traditional Pocket Pa...
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TWP 006: "yOu TeLl MeEe"

Jalen Ramsey has requested a trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars! Is he going to be traded? Is he worth a 1st Round Pick? Will a division rival make a...
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TWP 004: "Welcome To The NFL"

Welcome to another Tidal Wave Podcast! The NFL is back baby! There were a lot of great performances and we are handing out some #NewWaveGameBalls... A...
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TWP 003: "Secure the Bag"

Welcome to the third installment of The Tidal Wave Podcast brought to you by NewWave Sports! In this episode we talk about: Zeke's New Deal... Are the...
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TWP 002: "NewWave Wednesday 1"

Welcome to NewWave Wednesday! Enjoy topics on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and so much more.... NewWave Wednesday is for the fans, and professionals alike bring...
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TWP 001: "Jay-Z Selling Out?"

What do you do when your a fan with a passion for sports? You create your own show.... Join Courtlandt Griffin and his friends at NewWave Sports as th...
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