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Welcome to The Trail Runners Experience. Conversations about trail running by trail runners. Includes training tips/advice and personal race experiences. Hosted by Daniel Farrugia and Ashley Druve

#74 ft. Malcolm Law

Ultra running legend, Malcolm Law joins the podcast to talk about all things trail and ultra running. Undoubtedly one of the most inspiring and storie...
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#73 ft. Sonja Jansen returns!

Sonja Jansen returns to the podcast after her blistering world class run at the 2021 Adelaide 24 hour where she covered more than 233km for a huge out...
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#71 ft. Ben Hockings

Ben Hockings - the Great Uncle of trail running in South Australia - returns to The Trail Runners Experience to discuss his Race Directing career, his...
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#70 ft. Rebecca Hunt

Rebecca Hunt returns to the podcast 50 episodes after her first appearance on the Trail Runners Experience, this time as host of her very own awesome ...
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#69 ft. Brett Crosby

Brett from Adelaide Trail Runners joins the podcast to talk about this newly formed venture that aims to bring some new and interesting events to the ...
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#68 ft. Jessica Schluter

Jessica Schluter is a two time winner of the Blackall 100, Australian representative at the World Trail Running Championships 100 and has performed ex...
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#67 ft. Hayley Teale

Hayley Teale is one incredible athlete. With a list of ultra wins longer than my arm, Hayley shares her joy of running and her approach to training in...
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#66 ft. Sonja Jansen

Frequently finishing on top of the podium, Sonja Jansen is a fantastic athlete, an aerospace engineer, a wife, a mother and much more. In this episode...
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#65 ft. Kym Williams

With over 60 ultras and 35 Marathons under his belt Kym Williams knows a thing or two about running long distances and finding his limits. A stalwart ...
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