The Two Dads Podcast

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Cheese05 and Simply discuss all things speedrunning weekly with a different guest.

#20 Christian Sears |

A discussion of esports in speedrunning, with a guest who believes speedrunning is not an esport as a counter. Should be interesting!
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#19 Piti And Limcube |

Two lovely gentleman and commentary geniuses here to give us insight on the rapid growth and popularization of Play by Play and Color Casting in the s...
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#17 Popesquidward |

Pope has an insipiring amount of dedication to be the best. here is his story! -- Watch live at
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#14 arwyMilo and Steveobroil |

All about GSA (GlobalSpeedrunAssociation), a new upcoming organization with prosperous goals to take speedrunning to the professional level in the fut...
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