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Episode 161

Dude and Andrew talk Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth bailing on Star Trek 4, Nichelle Nichols is diagnosed with dementia and Ruby Rose is cast as Batwo...
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Episode 160

Andrew and Dude dive head first into the most amazing news that Patrick Stewart is return to Star Trek as Capt. Picard! Nothing else matter but they k...
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Episode 159

Andrew and Dude are back to talk SDCC trailers and announcements. Last year was kind of a dud when it came to trailers, but this year was better than ...
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Episode 158

Dude returns and talks news with Andrew. The Disney/Fox deal gains further traction while Stan Lee's BILLION dollar lawsuit is dropped. Crazy things a...
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Episode 157: Ant-Man and The Wasp

In which Becky and Andrew dive into the quantum realm and talk about Marvel's latest release, Ant-Man and the Wasp. Over all it was a good movie, thou...
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Episode 156

In which Andrew and Becky resume the third in their series of episodes about geek parenting. So far the couple has survived the first year, and so has...
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Episode 155

Dude and Baruch have taken over while Andrew is lost in the ether. Chaos will ensue, but it's a worth while ride.
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Episode 154

Andrew and Dude catch up on the news including the suicide of celebrity chef and closet comic book nerd/writer Anthony Bourdain.
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Episode 153

Spending a little time catching up on the news, Andrew and Dude return once again. This week they are talking about recently released trailers and the...
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Episode 152: Solo

Now that Andrew has finally seen Solo, our dynamic duo can talk about it and much to everyone's surprise, they found it quite enjoyable.
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