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We are just a group of people who like to sit around and talk about our favorite movies and TV shows. As well as Video game talk.

These Guys Talk Video Games - # 18

Corbin and Roman from These 3 Guys sits down with friend of the show Kevin, from the replaystation and the ReplayStationShow2. When it comes to gaming...
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These Guys Talk Vacations - # 16

These guys remissness about the vacations that they took as kids and how it is so different to how they Vacation now that they are in there 30's. --- ...
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The Boys Talk Bad Drivers - # 15

Corbin and Roman talk about some of the really bad drivers they have came across in there many years of driving. --- This episode is sponsored by · An...
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Lets get spooky - # 13

These 3 guys have a special guest,  Josie join them while they talk about Halloween, and Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens. And Greg finally stops back b...
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90's Collectibles- #12

These guys are joined once again by Washington and they talk about the collectibles and must have things from there childhoods in the 90's. --- This e...
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