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We are The Highly Intoxicated Conversation Circus AKA THICC Podcast! Let's drink some beers and talk about whatever comes to our minds. Join us, our degenerates!

Episode 29 - Life Rips For D'elia

Thomas brings great disrespect on this episode as he waits until we literally start the show to grab beers. We also discuss the D'elia stuff, sexual a...
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Episode 28 - Stay for the Nips

OG Thicc Boi Luis returns for a truly weird episode. There's nipple rubs, lots of shots of a light, and one of the bois gets blackout drunk. We record...
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Episode 27 - Epic X-Men Rant

Who is your favorite mutant? Who do you think deserves to make the top 5 X-men? Well, the THICC Bois dug up some "Top 100" list off the ol' interwebs ...
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THICC Bois Watch Space Jam

We decided to watch Space Jam together for this week's pod, and guess what? THIS MOVIE SUUUUUUUCKS!!! Nostalgia be damned, this is not an enjoyable fl...
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Episode 26 - Quarantini

What's up, degenerates?! What has everyone been drinking during this quarantine? On today's pod, we wanted to give you guys a little extra, so we went...
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Episode 25 - Want Some Jollies

It's been a minute, but we are back! You guys still drinking Corona beers? #nofear Today, we talk about people who have to show their good deeds on so...
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Episode 24 - Da Boys

After weeks of ragers, the bois decided to take it a bit easy this week. We get buzzed and talk about how poorly horror movies have aged, Jesus possib...
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